Gym Rules

In every gym, there is a set of written and unwritten conduct of conduct that all fitness enthusiasts must adhere to. Here at TripleFit, we are no different. The aim of this document is to inform you the written, as well as the unwritten rules, of the TripleFit community culture.

Who are Rules meant for?
Team TripleFit, TripleFit Members (known as “Members” in your Agreement and moving forward in this document), and their Guest.

Why are there Rules?
• To ensure the best experience for all members and staff alike in a safe and fun manner.
• So that we, as a fitness community, enjoy the company of each and every member.

Improvement of Rules to enhance your TripleFit Experience
To continue improving the experience for you, our members, we may (from time-to-time) make necessary amendments to our Rules. To stay updated to the changes of these rules, our staff will inform you in advance to keep a lookout on our website ( and/or by visiting our notice boards. Of course, we will update you on these changes upon occurrence.

Your Safety, Our #1 Priority
i. Treat yourself with the utmost respect. Hold yourself to the highest of standards. Should you worry about a nagging injury that you had previously sustain, or if there are any personal health concerns that you may have, we would strongly encourage you to seek professional advice from your doctor.
ii. All Members and Guest are required to fill up a Health Assessment Questionnaire before using the club facilities.
iii. Please ensure that you and/or your Guest inform our instructors or staff if you are not feeling well. Our staff will ensure that they take extra care of your stay in TripleFit.
iv. Do not bring or consume any illegal within our facility.
v. There should not be any consumption of any form of alcohol within the premises of TripleFit.
vi. There will be no smoking of any kind allowed within the premises of TripleFit.
vii. Should unfortunate event that you feel unwell during your training, please inform the nearest TripleFit staff or instructor.
viii. Always be mindful of your surroundings. Please keep an eye on blind spots when you are training by yourself.
ix. Keep all equipment and not leave them lying around as it can potentially cause injuries to your fellow Members.
x. Do not play around with the fire exits.
xi. In the event of an emergency or when the fire safety alarm sounds, please follow the instructions of TripleFit’s staff for your own safety.

i. Upon stepping into TripleFit, please kindly present your Membership Tag to our friendly reception staff.
ii. You and only you are allowed to use your Membership Tag, it is not transferrable.
iii. Should the unfortunate misplacement of the Membership Tag occur, kindly note that we will provide a replacement one for you at a small fee.
iv. If your Membership fees are not up to date, or if your Membership is frozen, suspended or terminated, access to TripeFit will be denied. Should you like to continue your Membership, please kindly make payment at the reception prior to entering the gym or seek assistance from our staff.
v. All members below the age of 18 need to be accompanied by their parents or guardian.
vi. Members below the 16 will not, unfortunately, be able to be part of the TripleFit Family. For the time being.

Workout Buddy
i. At the discretion of TripleFit, Members may bring a Guest by paying the Guest fee set out in the current Price List.
ii. All gym rules mentioned above apply to your Guest.
iii. Member’s Guest should be accompanied at all times and they are your absolute responsibility.
iv. Any loss or damage caused by your Guest while in the gym will be paid by the Member.

General Gym Etiquette
i. Opening and Closing times of TripleFit are constantly displayed on our noticeboards and website.
ii. Please leave the facility prior to the closing time.
iii. There will be no consumption of outside food within the gym facility.
iv. Smoking is not allowed within the premises of TripleFit.
v. Only water and sports drinks are allowed on the gym floor.
vi. Please ensure that all gym equipment be placed back in their original spots after using them.
vii. Sharing is caring, try not hog on to any gym equipment.
viii. You will need to pay for any loss or damage of TripleFit equipment caused by you or your Guests while in the facility.
ix. Always be mindful of your fellow Members, treat them how you would like to be treated.
x. Each member is required to have their Membership Tag scanned by our reception staff. This is to clock in and keep track of your attendance.
xi. Should in any case the Member forgets to bring the Membership Tag, our reception staff reserves the right to request for any form of identification in exchange for a temporary Membership Tag.
xii. For hygiene purposes, please wipe down the gym equipment after use.
xiii. Please be properly attired for the gym – appropriate gym apparel includes t-shirts, tops, training tights, shorts, capris, training shoes, and running shoes. Do kindly refrain from walking around barefoot.
xiv. Please do not bring your own trainers inside TripleFit. Only TripleFit Instructors and Trainers are allowed to provide personal training session within the facility.

TripleFit Classes
i. All Group Classes offered at TripleFit are required to be pre-booked via our TripleFit website.
ii. Classes have a maximum number of participants allowed to ensure the best workout experience for you. Please book your selected classes in advance to avoid disappointment.
iii. Be punctual for all Group Classes. Failure to do so may result in our instructors not permitting you to join in the class.
iv. Our instructors are professionally trained in health and fitness, please follow all instructions given by them.
v. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring it to the attention of the instructor.
vi. Should you have any discomfort or if you are not well, please inform the instructors so that they can either tweak the workout slightly for you or pay extra attention to you.
vii. Please refrain from using gym equipment required for the respective classes sessions during your personal workout.

Lockers, Changing Rooms and Personal Belongings
i. Lockers are provided inside the respectively changing rooms, do kindly utilize them.
ii. These lockers may only be used for your personal belongings such as training gear, wallet, mobile phones, laptops etc.
iii. TripleFit reserves the right to open your locker should we suspect the storage of offending and/or dangerous materials/objects.
iv. Please do not keep your belongings overnight inside the lockers. Any items left overnight will be removed. If these items are not claimed after seven (7) days, we will donate them to charity.
v. You and you alone are responsible for your own belongings. TripleFit will not be held responsible for any loss of personal items.
vi. Only one person is allowed to be in the shower cubicles at any given time.

i. TripeFit may occasionally take photographs of the Gym and the facilities which might include you inside the images – of course we will do our best to seek your approval but do understand that that might not always be possible. We reserve the rights to use these photographs or images for commercial purposes without payment.
ii. Membership prices may change from time to time.