Izwadi Mohamed

As a boxing enthusiast, Izwadi often incorporates aspects of the sport into his workout sessions, including bag work and focus mitt. He had consistently gone for approximately eight months of rigorous training in Singapore and Indonesia prior to his first amateur boxing bout in April 2017 and is aspired to compete again.

Since 2013, Izwadi has trained different types of people including teenagers, teachers and retirees, pushing them past what they thought was their physical limits. He believes that health and fitness goals can be achieved through willpower and smart training. He strives to make each workout enjoyable and a challenging learning experience, to ensure clients achieve the proper exercise techniques together with ensuing benefits.

Dynamax Ball Training
Certified Bosu Trainer
Certified VIPR Trainer
Tatsujin Level 1 Personal Training
IKFF Kettlebell Training Level 1
Cardio Boxing Focus Mitts
Functional Training
Sports Performance
Strength & Conditioning
Interval Training

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