Harith Dinie

Known for his 1st Runner-up in WBPF Federation in Men’s 70kg category bodybuilding contest, Harith Dinie, or known as Riodee to his peers, is a veteran with 9 years of experience working with major athletes including the SEA games Hall of Famer, Halim Haron, and Ibrahim Sihat.

As an athlete and trainer himself, Riodee knows best when it comes to technicality and precision in the arrangement of training programs. His greatest satisfactory as a fitness professional would be watching the improvements of his clients and achieving their goals.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Bosu Trainer
Certified VIPR Trainer
Certified Fit SG Nutritional Fusion
Certified Fit SG Functional Fusion
Certified Peter Twist Functional
Compound Strength & Conditioning
Functional strength & Conditioning
Body Sculpting
Weight Loss

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