Cheryl Loh

With almost a decade of coaching experience in the fitness industry, Cheryl Loh is one of the newest additions to the TripleFit Coaching Team. Cheryl's expertise lies in Functional Training - mobility & flexibility work, movement work – and skill-related components of fitness that helps improve the quality of life and enhance sports performance. She discovered her interest in fitness through the years of ‎competition training which comprised of many altered styles and disciplines, and it has also sparked her passion for sports and fitness coaching.

Cheryl is the First Female Singaporean to compete in the world-renowned Ninja Warrior obstacle course competition held in Guangzhou, China, 2015 and is also proficient Jump Rope athlete who has competed in several international jump rope competitions from including the Junior Olympic Games in 2008.

Besides coaching group exercises classes and personal training for individual clients, Cheryl also leads the 'Jump In' classes at TripleFit.

Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor
Sport Singapore NCAP Certified
Functional Training
Movement Training
Speed Training
Jump Rope Training
Group Exercises

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